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It starts with me.<br>
Miele in Poznań.

Top quality is our priority both in the design and production process and beyond.<br>
A strong brand does not happen on its own. It is made by people. Extraordinary people.

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About us

It is not enough to strive for a goal to achieve it. You have to get better all the time. It is with this approach that for over 120 years we have excelled at what we know best. At Miele, we don’t just make household goods – we create reliable quality, utility, and style that appeal to the most demanding customers in almost 50 countries.

But when we talk about quality, we never just mean our products. It’s always about something more – about our attitude, how we build our team and how we serve our customers. Only then are we able to achieve the best results. Just like we do at Miele Global Services in Poznan.

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What makes us special?

To get where we want to be, we take a step forward every day. Miele Global Services is our shared services centre in Poznan, where we prove that together we are capable of going really far.

Here, we combine our knowledge, experience and commitment to cater for the needs of Miele companies around the world in the areas of finance and customer service. But this is just the beginning.

Our plans go beyond what has been set out so far. We want to develop, and thus expand our team and take responsibility for new processes. We believe that with determination and mutual support, we will be able to accomplish all that we have planned.


Miele’s identity has not been created by chance. We have been forging it over the years together with the people who were and remain part of our team. To make it stronger, we need to cultivate it. We do this through our values.

Operating principles

Actions over intentions.
This is how we understand the motto “Immer besser”.

The strength of our team is built not on words, but on principles that guide us in what we do.

    • We remember what’s in our DNA.
    • We have a clear division of tasks.
    • We prioritise effectiveness and efficiency.
    • We stay focused on our goals.
    • We do not compromise – we always ensure the highest level of service.


With you and because of you. That’s how we want to develop Miele Global Services.

We believe in your potential, which is why we want to offer you room to gain experience and develop, and prove that it is possible to challenge the status quo where it seems impossible. Accounting, finance, controlling, reporting, accounts receivable, human resources and customer service – at Miele Global Services you will get a fresh perspective on each of these functions. And you will discover that with us, development means much more than might be expected.


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Work is not only about professional development.
Working at Miele Global Services also means:

flexible working hours flexible working hours
work-life-balance work-life-balance
remote work opportunities remote work opportunities
medical care plans for family members medical care plans for family members
life insurance life insurance
sports cards sports cards
tuition reimbursement tuition reimbursement
discounts on company products discounts on company products
comfortable place to work comfortable place to work
internal and external trainings internal and external trainings
various community initiatives various community initiatives
multinational work environment multinational work environment
referral program referral program
office in a convenient location office in a convenient location


Miele Global Services Sp. z o.o.

Pastelowa 6 (Business Garden)<br/>
60-198 Poznań

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