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It starts with me.<br>
Miele in Poznań.

Top quality is our priority both in the design and production process and beyond.<br>
A strong brand does not happen on its own. It is made by people. Extraordinary people.

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About us

It is not enough to strive for a goal to achieve it. You have to get better all the time.

Over 125 years we have excelled at what we know best, which are household goods.

Customers from almost 50 countries, for whom we create products reliable in quality, utility, and style.

But when we talk about quality, we never just mean our products, but also customer service and processes. In Miele Global Services, our knowledge connects with experience and involvement. We take care about our attitude, goals, teams and development, which guarantee us to obtain better results and be satisfied with our work.

But this is just the beginning. Since the creation of Miele Global Services in September 2019, we want to grow, therefore expand our teams and our responsibility for more processes.

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The areas of our specialization are:

How do we work at Miele Global Services?

Miele’s identity has not been created by chance. We have been forging it over the years together with the people who were and remain part of our team. To make it stronger, we need to cultivate it. We do this through our values:

Immer Besser at work at Miele Global services

Immer Besser, Miele's flagship slogan, has inspired continuous development since the company was founded. However, it does not just mean a desire to become better and better, but above all real action. Guided by simple principles, they give us direction to what we do:

    • We look for new solutions to increase our efficiency.
    • We have clear tasks and goals.
    • We do not recognize compromise - we keep the highest level of service.
    • We care about work-life balance.
    • Together we build an atmosphere of support and commitment.


Miele Global Services Sp. z o.o.

Pastelowa 6 (Business Garden)<br/>
60-198 Poznań

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