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Your career
starts here!

Begin with an internship.

Every possibility is an opportunity that you can seize. Join our internship program and discover new paths for your career.

At Miele Global Services, we believe that there is no better start to shape your future than in a place with a professional approach. We are such a place. We constantly strive to pass on the acquired knowledge and share our global experience. This is one of the reasons why our summer internship program was created. It will allow you not only to discover new opportunities, but also to experience a valuable adventure that will help you to reveal the next career paths.


If you feel that the world open to perspectives is your place, Miele GS will be even more so. You don’t need to have any experience – you can just know foreign languages well and we will also be pleased to accept your application.

Show us who you are – submit your application and start your career today!


If you have any questions, please contact us:

Step 1

Step 1

Send your CV
Let us know about you! Send your application and take the opportunity of an internship with which you will start your career.

Step 2

Step 1

Wait for a reply
After sending your CV, please be patient! Verification of applications is the part in which we select the most suitable candidates for the internship. If we choose you, we will certainly contact you and invite you for an interview.

Step 3

Step 1

Start an amazing summer adventure
If all the formalities have been completed, we can officially start cooperation. New challenges and interesting experiences await you, and we are looking forward to starting our activities!


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